True Wealth: How To Navigate Toward What You Really Want In Life

TWS 65 | True Wealth


Wealth is found in experience and relative to the degree of our presence in that experience. The question is, how are you showing up in your daily experiences? On today’s podcast, Patrick Donohoe talks about what true wealth is and how you can navigate toward what you really want in life. Touching on the different aspects or archetypes of your personality, he explains how identifying and understanding the different aspects can help you show up in that archetype so you can enjoy, achieve, and succeed in life.

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True Wealth: How To Navigate Toward What You Really Want In Life

Thank you for tuning into this episode. It’s going to be a short one but I appreciate the response to the last episode and your willingness to answer some questions for me. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I had requested that you, the audience, would help me to design an online course specific to this audience. A lot of it is relevant to what we’ve discussed this 2020. Some of the topics and themes relating to what true wealth is. Of course, trying to figure out how to navigate toward what you want in life.

I’m up at our place in the mountains. We are on fall break for the kids and my brother and his family came out as well. We’re spending some time up here. It’s somewhat cold but nonetheless peaceful. I had an experience on the way up and that’s what I wanted to talk about for this episode. On the way up, we came up around 9:00, 10:00 at night and it’s about an hour drive outside of Salt Lake. There was a canyon that is somewhat busy during the day and this time of night, it was complete black. There weren’t any cars on the road as we were coming up which was very rare. Lots of animals are crossing the street, etc. At the end of the road, it’s about a 5, 6-mile road, there’s a T.

In one direction you go North into Wyoming, the other direction you go East. It goes on the other side of Park City and there were a bunch of sirens there. You can go 50, 60 miles an hour on this road. At the T, what had happened is the car that was crashed through this big wall didn’t see the stop sign and kept on going as if the road continued straight. I’m not sure what the outcome was, but given all of the ambulances, it was not pretty. The reason why I’m bringing that up is because sometimes, we’re wired to believe and live as if we had 50 years ahead of us or 100 years ahead of us.

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We’re going to die at 95 but we don’t know what happens. Every day is different. Every day is dynamic. Our wiring and our patterns are similar. At the same time, our experiences can be completely different. Our environment is completely different but our patterns are the same. The topic I wanted to talk about was what wealth is in relation to experiences. I believe that wealth is found in experience and relative to the degree of our presence in that experience. My question to you is how are you showing up in your daily experiences? Are you showing up based on what your pattern has dictated? Human nature answers questions because of how prone we are to patterns and habitual behavior. We address the same questions and same situations in a similar way and I’m no exception.

That’s the example I’m going to give. In the past, whether it was a vacation, a trip, dinner with my wife, or being out with the kids, I had so much going on. I had emails I had to answer, text messages showing up, online messages, project in which I played a role, record this, try this, or do this. I had so much weighing on me and what it did is, it bled into all areas of my life. I found myself in some amazing places, whether vacation or trips and I didn’t enjoy them at all. It became frustrating because I was in these incredible places, I was able to be with the people that I love, and I wasn’t able to enjoy myself.

There was a teaching that I was exposed to Tony Robbins and some of the events I went through with him, and it took a few go-rounds for it to connect. I shared a little bit of that experience at the Platinum Group Finance Events. It was a February 2020 episode in which I talked about it but there was something I connected. It’s made a massive difference and I’ve been able to enjoy myself much more. There are still times in which my old patterns creep in. At the same time, I’m now present to that. I’m able to adapt and adjust so that I can take advantage of the experience and enjoy myself because, in the end, time is short. I look at my daughters and they’re grown, women.

TWS 65 | True Wealth

True Wealth: Wealth is found in experience and relative to the degree of our presence in that experience.


They’re in their teenage years, they have a couple of years left at home, and it pains me sometimes. The time has gone by so fast. Don’t get me wrong, there have been incredible experiences I’ve had with them. At the same time, I realized that my inability to adapt situationally has impacted the degree of happiness and fulfillment I have in those experiences. My point behind all of this is because money does not give you better experiences. Money does not give you this complete different mindset shift because you’re able to drive a certain car, go on vacation, or live in a neighborhood, etc.

It amplifies who you already are. That’s my point behind this idea of mindset first, your state first, your understanding of the miracle we have of living in 2020 with all of the technology, the communication capability, the medicine that we have, the understanding of ourselves based on biofeedback, or other means. Our ability to communicate with loved ones, we are able to live on, there’s much to be grateful for but society continues to find itself in dire straits as if the world was going to end.

My point is there are ways in which we can show up and capitalize on the experience of life. I believe that if you’re able to do that before you have a lot of money coming in and make it easier because the situations, problems, and challenges amplify because of financial wealth. This is the teaching that impacted me. Carl Jung is a psychologist, I’m not a psychologist by any means and I am fascinated by human behavior. What makes us tick? Why we do certain things? Why do we continue to do certain things? Why we do things that we know are wrong but still, we continue to do them?

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We’re all subject to this to some degree but Carl Jung talked about these aspects or factions of our personality called archetypes. There are some primary archetypes that are out there. What I started to do is connect to the different aspects of my personality and be able to understand what aspect of personality is best suited for certain experiences that I had. Let me give you some examples. First off, let me explain the different archetypes. Carl Jung has many different ones, but there are some common ones, whether it’s in mythology or history. You have the king archetype, magician archetype, lover archetype, and warrior archetype. I’ve thought about this before. Most people show up as one of the three, I would say tier two archetypes, which is the magician, the lover, and the warrior.

I call these situational archetypes. King archetype is rare. I look at how I’ve shown up in the past and it’s either the warrior or the lover. What I started to realize is that tapping into my king, my sovereign archetype for women to be the queen archetype, it’s being able to understand that archetype is the leader. You can picture a good king and there are many different examples of it. They’re able to understand and lead the other three archetypes situationally so that when the magician needs to show up to have fun or to be creative, the magician shows up. If the warrior needs to show up because something has to be overcome, a fear or a challenge has to be broken through. The warrior is able to show up.

The lover is able to show up in times where compassion and empathy are needed. I look at the organization of these archetypes especially as I look at the different experiences and situations. I find myself in every day and then knowing my magician is the best to show up in this to have fun, to enjoy a night out, to enjoy a game, a board game, to be able to solve some problems, be creative, and be agile. The lover, when it comes to my family, neighbor, or someone that’s gone through a hard time. When I need to overcome something, conquer and push through, and fight through somebody or something, the warrior shows up. These archetypes have enabled me to understand myself better but also to be able to enjoy the everyday experiences that I have.

TWS 65 | True Wealth

True Wealth: There’s a power to being fully engaged and to play full out.


It’s going to be a short show but I’m going to end with a challenge. I want you number one, as it relates to the first story I explained, this car crash coming through the Canyon as I was coming up into the mountains is, to take 30 minutes in something that you have going on and be able to be as close to 100% present as possible. Present meaning you are completely engaged. There’s a power to being fully engaged and to play full out. The second challenge I have for you is to start to look inside yourself, inside your personality, and identify the magician in you, the fun, the happy-go-lucky, the creative and the agile part of your personality. Identify the lover side of your personality where you’re compassionate, loving, empathetic, and then identify the warrior inside of you.

The one who shows up, who is able to break through a wall if that’s what’s needed, but here’s the most important one, to start to identify the archetypical king, the sovereign, or the queen inside of you. The one, who rules cares about what’s right, who is noble. Not the dark or shadow side of that archetype or personality but the actual light side, the sovereign side. Identify these archetypes. Sometimes, people name them or associate them with characters in history that they have an affinity toward. Once you are able to identify those aspects or factions of your personality, it’s then identifying some situations in which you can show up in that archetypal side of your personality, enjoy, achieve, and succeed.

This is what’s worked for me and it’s a part of the course that I want to create. It’s going into a lot more detail when it comes to understanding your archetypes, being able to situationally apply them, enjoy, and thrive in certain experiences as opposed to winging it and figuring things out. I want to be light. I appreciate your attention. I hope you gained something from this challenge. We’d love to hear from you. Email me at Let me know about your experiences. That’s it for now. Talk to you next week.

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