What Does Brexit Mean For the World Economy? – Episode 154

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Are you wondering what effect Brexit (Britain leaving the European Union) might have on the world economy, and possibly your own personal economy? Today our host Patrick Donohoe, sits down with Spencer Couch, researcher and braniac, to talk about the effects of Brexit on the economy.

First they explore the possible motivations britons may have had in wanting to exit the European Union and the original goals and ideals of the EU – and whether or not those goals have been successful (no). After discussing the history and significance of this change, they talk through the days immediately following Brexit on the financial markets. Where those changes caused directly by Brexit, or by underlying economic flaws brought to light by the panic that Brexit has caused?

Finally, they talk about the volatility that, in this day and age, affects markets all over the world. Decisions made by Japanese, or British, or Brazilian voters can affect our economy and our markets almost instantly, unlike in the past where what happened over the atlantic and pacific didn’t have that much effect on the USA. Spencer and Patrick talk about the importance of protecting your money from this volatility and, in fact, the upside of volatility and change as it causes or world to stretch, change, and grow, faster than ever before.

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