Why The Federal Reserve Should Matter To You – Episode 165

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Do you think about the federal reserve often? Chances are, probably not…but maybe you should! Today our host Patrick Donohoe sits down to talk about federal reserve policy and goals and why it should matter to you.

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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

0:32The Cashflow Wealth (Mini) Summit: Real Estate Investment

3:19 What’s Going on This Week With the Federal Reserve

6:11 Why Do They Have These Meetings?

7:38 What is the Purpose (Original and Current) of the Federal Reserve?

9:49 What’s the Problem with Their Policy?

13:19 How Does This Affect People & Business Owners?

17:05 What Do These Policies do to Student Debt & Universities?

23:31 How This Is Going to Play Out

26:18 How To Prosper In This Environment

32:07 Something is Brewing Right Now

33:21 Human Life Value – The More You Know The More You’re Worth

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