An Uncommon View on the US Monetary System – Episode 120

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Today, on the Wealth Standard Radio, Patrick Donohoe is joined by Tom Dyson to discuss a current currency trend. Together, they analyze the state of the US dollar and compare it against the history of the value of the dollar. Tom explains his contrarian views on currency markets. Patrick looks into the ripple effect of a strengthening US dollar. Finally, they uncover the opportunities that this currency shift has presented.

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Show Notes:

[0:00] Intro

[0:46] Overview

[4:31] Currency Measures Everything

[6:55] Introducing Tom Dyson

[7:27] Episode: What’s Next for the Financial Markets?

[9:11] Unconventional Ideas and Finance

[10:45] The Single Most Important Trend in Finance

[12:31] Mainstream Views on Currency Markets

[18:57] Causing the Currency Shift

[22:58] Confirming the Recovery

[26:28] Unwinding Markets

[29:40] Falling Foreign Currencies

[31:39] The Power of the US Dollar

[33:38] Understanding the Big Gear

[36:45] Whole Life Insurance is Benefitting

[38:33] Opportunities Being Presented

[39:59] Closing the Interview

[40:27] Summary

[41:57] Wrap-Up

[43:16] Outro

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