Business People as Political Leaders – Episode 115

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Today, on The Wealth Standard radio, Patrick Donohoe and Brad Gibb discuss Donald Trump and politics, as they relate to business and the economy. They look into the influence of business and businesses on political leaders. Patrick breaks down how we’ve shifted from the Libertarian approach of government. Brad explains how bankruptcy is beneficial to businesses. Finally, they look over the way in which business candidates and political leaders can still invoke change.

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Show Notes:

[0:14] Intro

[0:59] Overview

[1:58] Discussing Donald Trump

[3:59] Politics is a Game

[6:54] Trump’s Business Influence

[9:05] Libertarian Approach

[11:21] Where Does Trump Lead Us?

[18:32] Decoding Bankruptcy Law

[22:38] Tax Law

[25:10] Lobbying

[31:03] Making a Name for Themselves

[33:34] We’ve Deviated the Course

[35:36] Summary

[38:54] Wrap-Up

[39:05] Outro

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You establish an opinion, but you always have to be open that your opinion, in the future, could be compromised or changed. Click To Tweet “I like the idea of bankruptcy because it allows us to make mistakes and move on and learn from them.” -Bradley Gibb Click To Tweet The government is setup to have a balance, but a candidate could inspire Congress and get people together to move in a specific direction. Click To Tweet Never discount everything a person knows. Everybody has flaws but there’s always going to be something good that can be gleaned from people. Click To Tweet

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