Everybody Has A Tell – Episode 119

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Patrick Donohoe and Eric McGuire look at tells and how they affect the aspects of our lives. Patrick and Eric discuss the book, “What Every Body is Saying,” by Joe Navarro, and the lessons they’ve taken from the pages. They apply those lessons to life and our finances. Finally, the importance of relationships is analyzed.

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Show Notes:

[0:00] Intro

[0:50] Overview

[1:11] What’s a Tell?

[1:43] What Every Body is Saying

[2:35] Adding Human Aspects

[4:52] Removing Human Emotion

[7:40] The Fear of Loss

[10:10] Focusing on the Results

[12:49] Course Correction

[14:43] Understanding Your Relationships

[17:37] People Are Assets

[18:37] Wealth Requires Others

[19:40] Wrap-Up

[20:37] Outro

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