Finding High Value in a Family Office with author and entrepreneur Richard Wilson | Life Episode 13

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Richard Wilson, from The Family Office Club, is the author of the #1 bestselling book in the family office industry, The Single Family Office: Creating, Operating, and Managing the Investments of a Single Family Office & How to Start a Family Office: Blueprints for Setting Up Your Single Family Office.

A family office is a private wealth management firm that controls budgeting, insurance, charitable giving, wealth transfer and tax services. The solution of the Family Office is meant to serve those who are committed to the family office industry and serve high-new-worth families.

In the 13th episode of our Season of Life, Patrick and Richard discuss what makes a family office unique and how any family office can educate their children and inheritors to find their own value instead of coasting on the wealth of others.

A major value of Family Offices is finding what is worth it in the long-term, but being paid in the short term. These groups look to see where financial trends are going and can lock in on potential higher value in a particular niche and excel there.

Listen now to hear these tips and others that show the road to instilling wealth in one generation, and why the phrase “When you simplify, things multiply” is so relevant to a family office.

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