Going Against the Grain – Episode 110

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TWS110-GoingAgainstTheGrainEric is joined by Justin and Michael on today’s episode of The Wealth Standard Radio. They get into their backgrounds and interesting facts about themselves. Then they move onto the issue of going against what is popular. The importance of educating yourself and being surrounded by like-minded people is also discussed. Finally, the value of not taking things personally is weighed in on.

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Show Notes:

[0:00] Intro

[0:40] Opposition of Naysayers

[2:38] Michael Bonny

[5:54] Justin Martin

[11:35] Eric Patterson

[18:09] Bucking the Trend

[19:58] Standing Your Ground

[28:05] What Others Say

[34:37] Know What You’re Getting Into

[37:27] Financial Entertainers

[41:02] Retirement Income Planning

[43:32] Resource Accessibility

[46:17] Breaking the Hardwiring

[48:06] Tying Up Loose Ends

[49:29] Wrap-Up

[52:27] Outro

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