Insider Trading with Congress – Episode 123

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Patrick Donohoe and Ryan Lee sit down to discuss a recent video on insider trading with Congress. They first look at what insider trading is and why is presents issues. Then, Ryan examines the need for control over your money. Finally, they analyze the reasons we retire and how we can put ourselves in a more positive environment.

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Show Notes:

[0:00] Intro

[0:29] Overview

[1:20] Is the Game Rigged?

[2:53] Where Else Can You Put Money?

[5:58] Control and Anxiety

[9:15] Lobby Groups Influence

[14:34] Your Effort, Their Gain

[23:16] When You Control, You Create

[27:45] The Tides are Turning

[32:25] Using Our Unique Talents

[38:42] The Reason We Retire

[41:15] Summary

[43:11] Outro

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