Interview With Daniel Ameduri – Episode 109

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TWS109-InterviewWithDaniel Ameduri

Patrick Donohoe chats with Brad Gibb ahead of Patrick’s interview with Future Money Trends’ Daniel Ameduri on today’s episode of The Wealth Standard Radio. Patrick and Brad discuss alternative media and its’ importance in a world whose landscape changes daily. Then, Patrick and Daniel talk about resources Daniel makes available. Daniel discusses the trends of currency and how different the 1980’s model of the economy is than today’s market. This is a special episode you won’t want to miss.

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Show Notes:

[0:00] Prologue

[0:14] Intro

[1:09] The Look Ahead

[2:18] Complementary Resources (YouTube/Email)

[3:27] Importance of Alternative Media

[6:03] Newsletters and Podcasts

[10:04] Newsletters We Follow

[20:03] Podcast We Tune In To

[24:27] Seminars and Networking

[26:19] Daniel Ameduri Introduction

[26:41] History of Future Money Trends

[31:33] Financial Publications and Message

[36:07] Concern and Excitement

[39:42] The Nature of Currency

[42:06] Information Outlets

[45:53] Summary

[47:11] Wrap-Up

[47:40] Conversation Recap

[48:28] Outro

[48:52] Epilogue

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