Interview With Mike Hambright – Episode 122

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On this episode of the Wealth Standard Radio, Patrick chats with Mike Hambright about real estate and podcasting. Mike discusses his site and podcast, FlipNerd. He details his ventures in real estate and what failures brought him to the success he has now. Finally, Patrick and Mike talk about Mike’s upcoming event, the REI Power Summit, occurring November 6th – 14th.

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Show Notes:

[0:00] Intro

[0:36] Overview

[3:06] Interview Introduction

[3:50] Mike’s Background

[9:01] Perfect Timing

[10:26] FlipNerd Podcast

[16:27] The Ease and Value Podcasting

[19:06] Expanding the Brand

[26:33] Relaunching the Site

[28:35] REI Power Summit

[34:05] Igniting New Ideas

[36:01] Interview Wrap-Up

[39:01] Summary

[40:31] Outro

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