Interview With the Real Estate Guys – Episode 116

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This episode of the Wealth Standard Radio features an interview with Patrick Donohoe by the Real Estate Guys. In their interview, Patrick explains the goals of ParadigmLife and shifting thinking away from traditional means. They look at the international banking issues and why the bank systems create a lot of liability. Finally, Patrick discusses the multitude of benefits with cash value of life insurance through mutual insurance companies.

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Show Notes:

[0:00] Intro

[0:08] Interview Replay

[1:50] Looking at the Moving Parts

[3:45] Concern with the Banks

[4:57] Crash of ‘87

[7:23] Using Extra Capital

[12:06] Patrick Donohoe

[13:03] Alternatives to Traditional Banking

[14:40] Bank Failures

[16:38] Shifting from Banks to Insurance

[18:36] Beyond Products Alone

[20:24] Putting Capital to Work

[21:29] Mutual Insurance Companies

[24:32] Each Client is Different

[27:20] Assets and Liabilities

[31:02] Real Estate Trivia

[32:28] Wealth Standard Radio

[33:07] Transferring the Risk

[35:01] Increasing Line of Credit

[39:31] Watching Clients Prosper

[45:34] Added Privacy

[48:41] Patrick’s Webinar

[50:33] Using Insurance Today

[52:41] Summit at Sea

[53:25] Private Banking

[54:01] Wrap-Up

[55:26] Outro

[56:25] Patrick Wrap-Up

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