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Lessons From Fighting For Your Business And Entrepreneurial Life with George Foreman III

  We all need transformational experiences in our lives to bring more sense to it. For George “Monk” Foreman III, he...

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Why Certain Societies Succeed And Others Fail with Dr. Richard Rahn

  Why do certain societies succeed and why do others fail? Former Economic Advisor to President George W. Bush and currently...

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Reality Over Influence with Erik Fogg

  Your reality is shaped by your education, where you live, and what you consume. How do you view people with...

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Financial Freedom For Millennials with Daniel Ameduri

  The road to financial freedom has always been dictated by financial norms, a lot of which don’t really seem like...

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Becoming A Tech Company with Jared Hobbs

  If you want to survive in today’s global business, you have no option but to become a tech company. Experienced...

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The Driving Principles Of Human Progress with Dr. Walter E. Williams

  Human progress and societal growth almost always influence each other. The increased pressure and the ability of man to rise...

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Show Host

Patrick Donohoe
CEO Paradigm Life

Patrick is the President and CEO and started Paradigm Life in 2007 after learning from his mentor Kim Butler about financial strategies outside of Wall Street.

With a background in economics and marketing, Patrick immediately realized the opportunity to teach investors, business owners, professionals and families on a large scale using modern digital media and communication technology. Since 2007 Paradigm Life has worked with thousands of individuals in all 50 states.

Patrick has shared the stage with financial experts such as Robert Kiyosaki, Peter Schiff, G Edward Griffin, Tom Hopkins, Blair Singer, Donald Trump Jr and more.

Bonus Episodes​

The Cash Flow Wealth Summit Is Underway! Episode-199

It’s time for the Cash Flow Wealth Summit! Patrick Donohoe and co-host Chunga take some time to give you the history, background and philosophy that gave birth to this unique, 2-day online event!  They also talk about the elite faculty of 30+ presenters and discuss what you can expect from them at the 2017 Cash...

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Patrick Talks With Jeff Schneider Episode – 187

Host Patrick Donohoe talks with Jeff Schneider.  Jeff is the President & CFO of a unique business called Royalty Exchange.  Royalties for intellectual property make up a huge section of the global economy, yet most people know almost nothing about how they work!  Would you like a guaranteed quarterly revenue stream?  Do you want to...

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