Social Entrepreneurism with Lisa Lannon – Episode 117

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Patrick Donohoe sits down with Lisa Lannon to discuss the concepts behind Social Capitalism and her new venture, Warrior’s Heart. On today’s episode, Patrick breaks down Lisa’s business model. Lisa explains the importance behind the privatization of social issues. Finally, the talk about Warrior’s Heart, what is does, it’s goal, and how interested investors can contact Lisa.

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Show Notes:

[0:00] Intro

[0:34] Overview with Brad Gibb

[1:50] Defining Capitalism

[3:48] Rewarding Motivation

[5:46] Differing from Socialism

[8:05] Social Capitalism

[9:00] Journey Healing Centers

[11:32] Creating New Solutions

[12:35] Getting into the Interview

[14:40] Interview Overview

[16:41] Lisa’s Background

[18:56] Privatizing Social Programs

[21:31] The Social Capitalist

[22:15] Warrior’s Heart

[24:16] Investments and Real Estate

[26:19] Developing a New Model

[29:45] Targeting the Demographic

[31:22] Adding on Investors

[32:19] Wrap-Up

[34:00] Summary with Brad Gibb

[36:29] Outro

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Social Capitalist, or Social Entrepreneurism, takes a problem and turns it into a solution. You can do good in this world AND make a profit. Click To Tweet When you’re motivated by the bottom-line, you have accountability. With accountability, you figure out ways to do more with less. Click To Tweet “For accredited investors interested in Warrior’s Heart, if you feel connected to the mission, we would love to talk to you.” -Lisa Lannon Click To Tweet

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