The Biggest Business in the World – Episode 118

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Patrick Donohoe is joined by Ryan Lee to dive into the biggest business in the world. They discuss the several partnerships attached to this business. Ryan speaks on behalf of how the corporate world is affected. Patrick explains the impact of government and whether taxes are worth their cost. Finally, they look at the increasing longevity of life and how the business affects them.

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Show Notes:

[0:00] Intro

[1:18] Explaining the Partnerships

[3:32] Be Aware, Get Educated

[6:41] Overview

[7:49] Influence of Academia on our Perspective

[10:24] The Purpose of Test-Taking

[11:23] The Need to Collaborate

[13:48] Stepping Stones to the Real World

[15:00] Increasing Obligations

[16:47] The Corporate World

[19:17] Mentality of Corporations

[21:29] Wall Street and 401(k)

[26:12] Retirement Assets in Tax-Deferred Vehicles

[27:36] Government Involvement

[32:49] Are the Taxes Worth It?

[34:42] Taxing Your Savings

[36:49] Deflating Retirements with Inflation

[42:52] Taking Advantage of the Business

[43:24] You Against the World

[45:37] Create and Be Alive

[48:39] You’re Going to Live a Long Time

[44:59] Most People are Ill-Equipped

[53:21] Wrap-Up

[54:58] Outro

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Collaboration isn’t used in academia. If you collaborate, you cheat. People haven’t been raised that way and the corporate world suffered. Click To Tweet Corporations are driven to have good, short-term results. Some of those short-term decisions are detrimental to long-term successes. Click To Tweet Because of how quickly our society is progressing, a person retiring at 65 can live to be 100. That’s more time than they spent working. Click To Tweet

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