The Life Cycle of a Startup with Ugg Boots Founder Brian Smith | Life Episode 14

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Surfer, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker and Author Brian Smith has a fantastic story that exemplifies Life, the theme for The Wealth Standard this season.

Brian started his career in Perth Australia as an accountant, but it didn’t take him long to realize he hated it. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to desire more than the status quo. He introduced a product to a market that seemed more than ready for it. However, rejection after rejection led him back to the drawing board. He never gave up and continued to mature his small business of sheepskin boots to the point where it’s now a billion-dollar business in Ugg Boots.

Brian describes that no business idea is ready to launch immediately. Ideas need to be conceived first, and they may just lie there until they’re ready to grow up. There are risky phases in its life, and this is typically where entrepreneurs give up, but the concept needs to be raised properly, until it reaches maturity and brings an incredible amount of success.

Listen now and hear how Brian found his target market and overcame every obstacle imaginable to become the success he is today!

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