The Power of People – Episode 114

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Patrick Donohoe chats with Eric McGuire about an article Eric’s brother, Les McGuire, wrote about people’s behaviors entitled, “Producers vs. Consumers”. Eric describes how his brother came across the principle of creating value for people. They discuss the importance in choosing your role in your life. Finally, Patrick recollects a string of recent experiences and how, in taking action, he was able to come out with positive, prosperous results. All that and more, today on the Wealth Standard Radio.

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Show Notes:

[0:14] Intro

[0:59] Overview

[1:59] Creating Value for People

[3:08] Producers vs. Consumers

[7:10] Your Greatest Asset is You

[8:27] Choose Your Role

[11:30] What Do People Really Want?

[19:35] A Series of Events

[26:47] Take Action, Be the Hero

[32:34] Focus on You

[35:45] Summary

[37:35] Wrap-Up

[37:51] Outro

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The attitude we take into our relationships depends on what kind of friends/relationships that are given back to us. Click To Tweet The idea of being in the producer mindset, and genuinely searching for ways to help/create for people, carries with it a profound energy. Click To Tweet “Your path is created in the moment of action. If you can see it laid out in front of’s someone else’s path.” -Joseph Campbell Click To Tweet The lens that is going to lead to success and abundance and happiness is recognizing that you are the one that dictates that power. Click To Tweet

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