The Retirement Epiphany – Do I Have Enough? – Episode 112

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TWS112On this episode of Wealth Standard Radio, Patrick and Nathan discuss retirement savings, The Monte Carlo Simulation, tax deferred accounts, and mortality credits. They breakdown some of the problems with traditional retirement accounts like 401k and walk through some of the traditional solutions. Join us to learn how to turn a million dollars of taxable into a 100% free retirement account!

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Show Notes:

0:00 Intro

0:19 Introducing Nate Butler a Senior Wealth Strategist

0:29 Today’s Topic Is How To Turn $1,000,000 Of Tax Deferred Money Into A 100% Tax-Free Retirement Income

3:04 Case Study: The Retirement Epiphany – Do I Have Enough?

4:59 Top of Mind, Tip of Tongue – The Challenge Of Long Term Planning

8:22 What is a Tax Deferred Account?

8:36 Three Types of Money

9:44 Is It All Yours – How Much of My Retirement Money Belongs to the Government?

15:21 The Traditional Solution: Work Longer, Live on Less, Maximizie Risk

16:24 The Monte Carlo Simulation: What is the Likelihood You Will Achieve your Retirement Goals?

17:31 Millennials vs. Baby Boomers (Now vs. Later)

20:07 Our Solution: Work Less, Make More, Minimize Risk

31:15 Now I Know: What Cat Scans and Our Solution Have in Common

33:40 How to Increase Your Income Using Actuarial Science and Investments

35:47 Dual Economic Risks: What Are They and Why Do They Matter?

39:01 Mortality Credits: Betting on Both Sides of the Die

43:34 Get Our Free Ebook here

45:02 Some Final Words of Wisdom from Nate

46:17 Outro

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