The Silver Bullet for Financial Protection – Episode 113

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TWS113Welcome to the 113th episode of the Wealth Standard! Join us as we sit down with Ryan and Brad to discuss the end of the world! Well, sort of. We discuss what preparation makes sense for shaky financial times – upcoming horizons like the October financial events. Learn how to put your money into productive assets (like sheep!) and protect yourself and those around you from risk.

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Show Notes:

0:00 Intro

0:25 The End of The World As We Know It: What Preparation Makes Sense

2:25 What Olympic Winnings, Sheep, and Inflation Have In Common

5:56 Is There a Silver Bullet for People to Protect Themselves?

6:21 Why Using Your Assets Productively Creates Value for Other People

8:01 Is Your Financial Plan Providing Value to You Or Anyone Else?

10:09 Market Based Plans Don’t Function Like Sheep: The First Step to Putting Your Money In Productive Assets

12:37 The Second Step: Beginning To Put Your Assets in The Right Place

16:09 The Role of Fear: How To Face The Next Event on The Horizon

17:41 Security in Diversity: Hedging Your Bets

18:40 You Are Your Most Important Asset: How To Protect Yourself and Those Around You From Risk

19:52 Your Number One Asset, Your Number One Investment, and Your Number One Strategy

21:41 A Plan Based On Hope (And Why That’s Not A Good Thing)

23:09 Everything Changes, Including Your Money: Why You Should Learning Principles, Not Technicalities

26:52 How Not To Buy Products and Invest In Systems Instead

29:15 Moving At Full Speed: The Right Time to Make a Mistake

32:11 Outro

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