The Worth of a Woman

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clarissabarlowwestIn this episode of The Wealth Standard Radio, Jennie Steed and special guest, Clarissa Barlow West talk about the worth of a woman. Clarissa shares some great insights about using the events that happen in life to move forward and create. They talk about emotions, and the energy that fuels women to create and stand as powerful examples to the world. Creating massive change starts with one person… yourself.

[00:01:05] Welcome (

[00:01:29] Today’s Topic – A Woman’s Worth: How to Recognize it.

[00:01:49] Clarissa Barlow West

[00:02:22] Tell us a little about yourself

[00:02:55] More about Clarissa

[00:03:52] When my son died. My world was turned upside down. Created a total paradigm shift

[00:05:03] The starting of the process. Trusting yourself.

[00:06:58] It’s never just that one moment. It’s all of the ripples.

[00:07:50] Social norms

[00:08:14] Massive pattern interrupts

[00:10:06] The interrupts happen for our best interest if we choose to see them that way

[00:12:35] What would it cost to replace the value that a stay at home mom brings to the world

[00:14:57] Women need to start owning their contribution

[00:16:01] Does that feel true, does this make me happy

[00:17:15] The day I chose to no longer be the assistant

[00:20:25] Painting a whole new picture

[00:21:35] Claim your worth

[00:22:14] Write the check to create ownership

[00:24:07] Why do you feel there are so fe willing to take a stand

[00:24:47] Looking outside ourselves for love and approval

[00:25:33] Change how you talk to yourself

[00:27:45] Create a stable foundation to build on

[00:29:45] The way you do one thing is the way you do everything

[00:30:56] It’s all about awareness

[00:31:25] People need to be willing to share what they know

[00:32:03] There is something that comes easy to each one of us and it is our gift

[00:33:52] Align purpose and bring in passion to achieve profit

[00:34:46] The more women that live their passion, the more we change the world

[00:36:15] Inspire women and inspire millions

[00:36:59] Today I can do one

[00:39:05] Finding the energy to drive us forward

[00:39:29] Channel all of your emotions and energy into creation

[00:41:10] Putting the whole puzzle together

[00:42:28] The combination of the feminine and the masculine

[00:43:37] Learn to discover the language of the opposite sex

[00:44:18] Can we create anything as one single human being

[00:45:32] Show up and allow your creation to be shared

[00:46:22] How we get to move forward breathing life into our own creations as well as the creations of the men in our lives

[00:47:06] Wrap Up

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