You Are Your Greatest Asset – Episode 111

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Patrick sits down with Ryan to discuss the ‘Law of Compensation.’ The two talk about human life value assets, such as education and skills. They also breakdown the opportunity costs of leverage as it relates to real estate. Finally, Ryan discusses how setting goals early in your day can dramatically change your life.
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Show Notes:

[0:00] Intro

[0:31] Overview

[3:18] Why Do We Involve Emotions?

[5:23] The Source of 401(k)

[9:29] You Can’t Master the Game

[10:39] Human Life Value Assets

[15:58] Controlling Your Assets

[20:11] Compounding Knowledge

[22:43] Human Life Value Liabilities

[25:05] Metrics of Leverage

[27:00] Opportunity Costs

[33:45] Summary

[36:03] Billionaire Playbook

[37:07] Power Hour / Miracle Morning

[44:04] Wrap-Up

[45:59] Outro

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