Can the World Economy Be Saved by Decentralizing Banks and Eliminating Industry Cartels? Episode – 215

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Charles Hugh Smith is the guest on today’s podcast. Charles is the author of the alternative financial news blog,Of Two Minds, and an independent writer of 15 fiction and nonfiction books. He is a contributor to and his articles are republished by well-known media outlets. Charles subscribes to the Austrian School of Economics. While you may not agree with all of his theories or extrapolations, it is beneficial to explore the future with a nonconformist point of view.

Key Takeaways:

[:24] Atypical Wealth Strategies and Investments Webinar & Article Series.

[2:50] Patrick’s Three Steps to Truth.


Charles Hugh Smith Guest Interview:

[4:56] Charles’ multi-faceted life journey gives him a unique perspective.

[7:16] The Austrian School of Economics prefers to eliminate state and central bank interventions.

[12:18] Two consequences of quantitative easing by the Fed.

[18:45] Credit expansion has created over-valuation bubbles.

[25:11] Technology and innovation can’t fix a government-protected market.

[30:57] Analyzing Blockchain, industry cartels, and social accountability.


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