Is Our Education System Broken? Patrick Interviews Peter Gray / Life – Episode 10

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The Wealth Standard is proud to welcome Peter Gray for Episode – 10 of “Life”.

Peter is a research psychologist at Boston College and is an expert in the field of nueroscience. He’s also an advocate of alternative education & “breaking the mold” when it comes to shaping and teaching the youth of America. He says standardized education and higher learning can actually be a bad thing for many of our countries brightest, young, minds.

Peter’s opinions may raise a few eye-brows and some of you may completely disagree with what he has to say.  That said, his unorthodox views are fascinating and he brings up some really good points when it comes to maximizing your greatest asset…YOU!

Key Takeaway’s:

3:20: Intro to Peter Gray

14:00: How Peter’s son caused him to change his views

18:45: Democratic education?

26:41: Hunter / gatherer cultures

31:28: Ruining curiosity

37:24: The foundation of standardized education is deeply flawed

44:56: The serious issues facing modern youth

50:02: Teens and anxiety

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