John Tarnoff Is Our Special Guest! / Life – Episode 8

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John Tarnoff is a 40 year veteran of Hollywood!  He spent nearly 40 years working in as a producer in the movie business and he’s written a book called Boomer Reinvention.

John shares Patrick’s opinion that retirement as most people know it is a myth.  People are living & working much longer than in previous generations and that’s only expected to increase in the future.

More & more people are switching careers in their 50’s. Some are doing this by choice; others however, are changing careers out of necessity.  John’s book is a “must read” for anyone looking to change careers a little later in life.

Note: There are a few audio issues at times in this episode.  That said, it’s well worth sicking it out.  John offers up a wealth of information for anyone transitioning into “Act II” of their professional life!

Key Takeaway’s:

4:15: Intro to John Tarnoff

10:00: The consultant culture

14:10: 5-step career reinvention methodology

23:32: I want to keep working

27:33: There is a way forward

34:58: The vivid vision

43:29: The scope of your services

More on this episode:

The Kids Are Still Alright: John Tarnoff at TEDxSoCal – YouTube

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