Patrick Talks With Jairek Robbins / Life – Episode 9

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The Wealth Standard welcomes Jairek Robbins to our special 2018 seasons celebrating Life, Liberty, & Property!

Jairek is a CEO, Life Coach & author of the best selling book “Live It”.  In episode 9, he teams up with Patrick to dive into the tools, techniques, & strategies that he teaches to some of America’s most successful business professionals.

They also practice a few focus boosting exercises!  If you want to learn how to maximize “your greatest asset”, then this is your episode!

Key Takeaways:

3:20: Jairek’s background

6:12: Common things that hold a person back

16:49: Enjoying the process

30:42: Knowing what is great about you

41:17: Focus boosting exercises

51:00: Jairek’s final thoughts

More about this episode:

(udemy course code:

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