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The Power of People – Episode 114

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Patrick Donohoe chats with Eric McGuire about an article Eric’s brother, Les McGuire, wrote about people’s behaviors entitled, “Producers vs. Consumers”. Eric describes how his brother came across the principle of creating value for people. They discuss the importance in choosing your role in your life. Finally, Patrick recollects a string of recent experiences and how, in taking action, he was able to come out with positive, prosperous results. All that and more, today on the Wealth Standard Radio.

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The Silver Bullet for Financial Protection – Episode 113

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TWS113Welcome to the 113th episode of the Wealth Standard! Join us as we sit down with Ryan and Brad to discuss the end of the world! Well, sort of. We discuss what preparation makes sense for shaky financial times – upcoming horizons like the October financial events. Learn how to put your money into productive assets (like sheep!) and protect yourself and those around you from risk.

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The Retirement Epiphany – Do I Have Enough? – Episode 112

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TWS112On this episode of Wealth Standard Radio, Patrick and Nathan discuss retirement savings, The Monte Carlo Simulation, tax deferred accounts, and mortality credits. They breakdown some of the problems with traditional retirement accounts like 401k and walk through some of the traditional solutions. Join us to learn how to turn a million dollars of taxable into a 100% free retirement account!

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The 7-70 Buzz

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Curious about the newest internet buzz concerning alternative ways for investing? On this episode of Wealth Standard Radio we discuss 7-70 accounts. They talk about how while many people are familiar with term vs. whole life policies, not everyone knows that with the modifications made by 7-70 accounts, cash accumulates more quickly and can be accessible along the way. Come listen to them discuss the beneficial aspects of 7-70 accounts and the guarantees that come through these alternative investments.

0:00 – Intro

0:14 – Welcome

0:31 – Introducing Will Street, Esquire

1:23 – Seven seventy accounts (alternative ways to invest)

1:48 – What is a seven seventy account

3:31 – Term vs. Whole life insurance policy.

4:34 – Seven seventy accounts focus on living benefits rather than death benefits

6:30 – Premiums

8:00 – Most beneficial aspects of a seven seventy account

8:22 – Benefit #1 guaranteed growth

9:00 – Benefit #2 There are no tax consequences

10:06 – Summery and wrap up

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