2018 Kicks Off With Author & CEO Garrett Gunderson “Life” Episode – 1

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2018 has arrived & The Wealth Standard is going to spend the entire year celebrating the principals of life, liberty & property.

Our first, 120 day season is called “Life!”

To kick this season off, Patrick Donohoe is pleased to welcome his long time friend and colleague Garrett Gunderson; he’s an author and the CEO of Wealth Factory.  Garrett refused to give up on his dream even after his two partners were killed in a plane crash.

Together, Patrick & Garrett discuss what it means to have a fantastic quality of life & pursue what John Locke called the American dream of life, liberty & the pursuit of property.

Key Takeaways:

1:46: The idea of the American dream

4:33: What was it that made Garrett so passionate about what he does for a living?

11:00: Challenging the concept of retirement.

23:00: Are human beings naturally entrepreneurial?

29:00: Is is necessary for young people to continue to pay for higher education?

40:00: How can people control their own pursuit of life, liberty & property

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One comment on “2018 Kicks Off With Author & CEO Garrett Gunderson “Life” Episode – 1

  1. Kase Reeves says:

    I enjoyed listening to this podcast. It makes me really want to reevaluate my way of earning for the next phase of my life.

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