Why Do People Stay In Ruts Episode – 208

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Patrick has been trying to get this week’s guest on the show for a VERY long time…  He’s tried forever!

The Wealth Standard is proud to welcome Synthia Donohoe to the show!  Yep, Patrick has been trying for quite a while to get his wife to be a guest!  A few weeks ago, Pat & Synthia were able to travel Mexico (where Synthia is from originally) to do some volunteer work in several different locations.  Together, they have a powerful discussion about different, economic classes and why people get stuck in ruts.

Synthia works with a non-profit organization called Stewfano which works to provide social services to people in poor and developing communities.  Synthia grew up in a very poor area of Sonora Mexico and is working to give back and help build a better future for her former home.

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