A Chat With Author & Financial Pioneer Neale Godfrey / Life – Episode 5

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Episode 5 focuses on the drive that each of us has to do something fulfilling, something that pushes you to evolve and change not only your life, but the lives of others, for the better.

Neale Godfrey is a prime example of that drive! She’s written 30 books, was one of the first (if not the first) female executives at Chase Bank, she’s been guest on Oprah a few dozen times, and is the Chairman of The Children’s Financial Network.

Neale became a pioneer for women in finance in the 1980s, and opened the world’s first children’s bank at FAO Schwarz in 1988.  This bank became so popular, The late Princess Diana once brought her young sons, William & Harry, in to set up accounts!

Listen to episode 5 to learn how Neale turned rejection into inspiration and used it to fuel her drive to succeed!

Key Takeaways:

2:15: Intro to Neale Godfrey.

5:02: Neale tries to publish her first book.

10:55: Money is life’s report card… Or is it?

17:20: A job you hate & A life you love.

26:29: The “Intra-preneur”

28:40: The Children’s Financial Network

31:00: #NOWWHAT

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