Are the Benefits of Blockchain Technology Limitless? Episode – 221

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The terms Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency are everywhere these days. But, what do we really know about the technology? If you think it is just a way to transfer funds hold onto your hat. During this interview, Patrick asks Tama Churchouse of Stansberry Churchouse Research about the unique protocols of each blockchain, how the technology can be used to disrupt inefficient businesses and what the long-term future of blockchain will be.


Key Takeaways:

[1:37] The current buzz around cryptocurrency.

[6:40] Tama’s insider view of the past and future of blockchain technology.

[10:34] How much money should you invest in blockchains like Bitcoin?

[14:13] The biggest misconception about crypto-protocols.

[23:06] Building apps for blockchain technology.

[28:30] The difference between private and public blockchains.

[37:02] Is a healthy correction in the cryptocurrency market coming soon?


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