Connor Boyack and “The Search For Atlas”

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This week, Patrick welcomes President of the Libertas Institute and Author, Connor Boyack. Connor has translated many classic pieces of literature into books for young children by simplifying the lessons and adding beautiful artwork as visuals. During this episode, Connor describes the importance of introducing children to Ayn Rand’s theories and ideas of economics and being of service to others.

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Key Takeaways:

[5:18] In The Search for Atlas, Connor hopes to expose young children to Ayn Rand’s key ideas.

[12:41] Parents resonate with the Tuttle Twin series as much as children do.

[17:09] How The Search for Atlas addresses the sometimes extreme, universal ideas from Atlas Shrugged.

[24:08] Tuttle Twin books are designed to be conversation starters for parents.

[30:09] An analogy to explain how to nurture and serve future generations.


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