How Safe Is Your Personal Information? Episode – 207

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It’s no secret to anyone that in todays world, Cyber-Security is a huge issue.  If the security of you personal information was compromised, you’d probably want to know about it immediately right?

Equifax is a consumer credit reporting agency and is considered to be one of the top 3 reporting agency’s in the United States.  They house the personal information of hundreds of millions of Americans… and they’ve been hacked.  Not only have they been hacked, it actually happened 4-months ago!  The personal information of 143 million people has been compromised and they did’nt make it public until now.

To make things look even worse, the executives at Equifax sold off millions of dollars in stock BEFORE making the security compromise public.  Are they guilty of “insider trading”?  How common is insider trading? Do people actually get away with it?

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