Patrick Talks with Jon Stein, CEO of Betterment / Life – Episode 7

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Jon Stein, CEO of Betterment Jon Stein is our special guest for “Life” Episode 7.

Jon is the founder and CEO of a New York City based firm called Betterment.  It’s an online financial services company founded in 2008…  Yes, Jon founded his company in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.  Everybody told him not to do it, he did it anyway.

Why did he choose to forge his own path and not listen to people who “knew better”?  Listen now to find out!


Key Takeaway’s:

2:40: Intro to Jon Stein and Betterman

8:50: People don’t trust Financial Advisors

11:50: The future of financial services

15:06: Big Idea’s at Betterment

24:40: Adopting new products

27:55: Make it real

More About This Episode:

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