Patrick’s REALLY Long Dinner With Author Tim Ferriss! Episode – 212

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Patrick sat down over dinner with popular author Tim Ferriss.  Tim wrote the best selling book “The 4-Hour Work Week”!  Pat’s long-time friend and financial guru Jason Hartman was also in attendance.

This dinner was months in the making & everyone (especially Patrick) walked away with a new & more evolved outlook on life!  What did they talk about?  Listen NOW to find out!

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One comment on “Patrick’s REALLY Long Dinner With Author Tim Ferriss! Episode – 212

  1. Benjamin Devey says:

    I love the message. Thanks. “The Wealth Standard Podcast was created by Patrick Donohoe more than 7 years.?” (Ago?) You probably mean something along the lines of… providing this podcast more than 7 years.

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