Patrick Talks With Author Harry Dent / Life – Episode 6

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Change and correction are a part of life… Nothing is sustainable forever, right?

Harry Dent is often referred to as “The Contrarian of Contrarians”!  He’s written several books & is the founder / Editor in Chief of Dent Research.

He joins Patrick from beautiful Puerto Rico to talk about the stock market bubble.  As you all know, Wall Street just suffered it’s greatest one day loss in it’s history.  Although the market is rebounding, Harry Dent says the chaos is just beginning.  He also says when this bubble really does burst, it’ll be the worst crash of our lifetime.  It’ll be like 1929 to 1932… or worse.

Does Harry think this crash will come in 2018? Listen now to find out!

Key Takeaways:

1:30: Intro to Harry Dent

3:00: Looking at 2018

9:56: Market bubbles are like the “Big O”

13:30: The day of reckoning

31:52: Trained to be rational

35:09: Innovation cycles & new clusters of technology

50:15: The Blockchain timeline.

More About This Episode:

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