The Importance of Attending Events & Conferences: Jason Hartman’s Meet the Masters of Income. Episode – 214

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With over 4,000 podcast episodes under his belt, Jason ‘The Creator of Wealth’ Hartman is back on the program with some practical, no-nonsense investment advice. Jason’s upcoming Meet the Masters of Income Property event, scheduled for January 2018, is a gathering of people who, like you, have the will and determination to be successful in 2018. The event offers the unique opportunity to see what others are doing to build their investment portfolios, gain ideas and create connections with like-minded people.


Jason is a wealth of knowledge. He shares his tried and true investment philosophies with us during the interview.


Key Takeaways:

[:58] Attending conferences and networking events at the beginning of a year is vital.

Jason Hartman Guest Interview.

[6:09] Who will be speaking at the Meet the Masters of Income Property event in January?

[12:19] What should attendees expect to get out of the event?

[18:58] The 10 Commandments of Successful Investing

[24:14] Investment isn’t speculation.

[33:42] Income property is a multi-dimensional asset class.

[36:57] If you want to succeed be around people who want you to succeed.


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The Meet the Masters event is a … practical event. Attendees can buy properties and apply the principles the same day.

Jason Hartman’s 10 Commandments of Successful Investing are core principles that work no matter how the market is doing.

Investing is the legitimate process of creating value over time.


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